Beaver Lake Cree Nation Elders Society

The BLCN Elders Society is a not-for-profit organization of Elders which functions in an advisory capacity to Chief and Council, to Band employees, and to the community members at large. Our primary purpose is to create a link between all citizen members of Beaver Lake Cree Nation and to foster an awareness and appreciation of our traditional culture. By transferring knowledge to the next generations of youth we hope to keep our indigenous Cree culture alive.

Elders are available for counseling and presentations for community members in need.

We also raise funds for Elder travel and attendance at conferences and other events and organize community functions.

The Society welcomes all Elders age 55 and older who consent to participating in the goals of the Society.

The BLCN Elders Society meets every second Tuesday of the month and is open to all visitors. If you would like to attend a meeting please call Doreen Lameman in advance of the meeting.


Doreen Lameman

Irene Anderson

Joyce Ladouceur

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