Beaver Lake Cree Nation is supported by a number of departments that provide services to BLCN Members and the community. The goal of Administration is to keep all departments operating at maximum capacity.


PHONE: (780) 623-4549
TOLL FREE: 1-877-610-3110
FAX: (780) 623-4523
HOURS: MON – FRI: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm (except holidays)

Chief Administrative Officer (TBD)

Reporting to and working in conjunction with Beaver Lake Cree Nation Chief and Council, the Chief Administrator Officer (C.A.O) is responsible for the overall efficient and effective administrative and financial management of the Nation. The C.A.O is responsible for the management, administration, and delivery of all Band programs and services in order to ensure that the needs of the Membership are met in a reasonable, resourceful, and deliberative manner.


To Be Determined (TBD)

PHONE: (780) 623-4549 ext 1003

Human Resources

Our Human Resources personnel work hard to promote Beaver Lake Cree Nation’s core values of honesty, humility, and respect.

The Human Resources Department is responsible for managing recruitment and selection; promoting current employees; establishing procedural guidelines; promoting employee career development and providing job training; promoting a positive work environment; and fostering effective employee-employer relations.

With more than 45 staff, BLCN is committed to ensuring a safe and fair workplace.

PHONE: (780) 623-4549
FAX: (780) 623-4523


The Finance Department provides accounting, reporting, and planning functions that:

  • Support BLCN council and management with information for planning and control
  • Ensure transparency by providing accurate and timely reporting
  • Make recommendations that promote positive financial outcomes
  • Enforce accountability through strong internal controls and adherence to all laws, standards, and policy.

Accounting functions include accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, financial reporting, and pay roll.

PHONE: (780) 623-4549 ext 1010
FAX: (780) 623-4523

Social Development

Beaver Lake Cree Nation’s Social Department works on behalf of BLCN Members to ensure low-income residents have access to services, resources, and opportunities they require to promote their self-sufficiency and economic well-being.

PHONE: (780) 623-4549 ext 1013
FAX: (780) 623-4523


The Beaver Lake Cree Nation Membership Department is a service department for the membership of the Beaver Lake Cree Nation. BLCN is a Section 11 departmentally controlled Band and our office is housed in the Administration building. The membership list is maintained by INAC, which contains our current numbers and identification categories. The BLCN membership Department maintains and prepares eligible membership requests.

The Department also prepares a list of eligible members who can vote during the Nations Tribal Custom election which occurs every 4 years within community.

The Membership Department has expanded and is recognized by the INAC to provide services at the community level.

Services the Membership Department Currently Provides

BIRTH REGISTRATION FOR MEMBERSHIP: Requirement is long form Birth Certificate, with parental information in order to register for membership, INAC Parental Statement of Consent with signature of both parents.
OTHER SERVICES: Band Membership Transfers, Updates and Notices of Marriage, Divorces, Deaths, Name Changes, Age of Majority requests, inquiry assistance in any matters that pertain to current membership.
HOURS OF OPERATION: Open 1 day per week. Please contact the Administration office at 780-623-4549 for current schedule.

PHONE: 780-623-4549 ext 1014

Beaver Lake Cree Nation Security

Beaver Lake employs 24-hour security personnel to ensure and promote the safety and protection of the Nation’s citizen members. The primary function of our security staff is the prevention and deterrence of crime; to protect the Nation’s assets from a variety of threats including By-law infractions and suspicious and criminal activity.

PHONE: (780) 404-1955
PHONE: (780) 404-5515

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