Amisk is Going Solar

Thanks to the generous support from the Keepers of the Athabasca and the Alberta Indigenous Solar Program, the AMISK community school has completed their two phase solar project. With the help of the AMISK students and the BLCN community, Kuby Energy was responsible for the installation and wiring for the arrays of panels.

Phase I of the project concluded with the installation of 30 south facing solar panels mounted on the flat roof of the school. The panels were installed using a ballast mount system. This method maximizes the energy harvesting ability of the array of panels while removing the need to damage the roof.

Phase II of the project wrapped up in July of this year. During this phase, an additional 64 solar modules were installed on the metal roof of the school bringing the grand total to 94 panels. In addition to the installation of the two arrays, Kuby Energy has worked extensively with members of the BLCN community to proved industry training and give hands-on experience.

Our new solar panels will help provide more then 24,000 kWh/yr (Kilowatt hours per year) while also reducing up to 15 tons of carbon emissions. This project has been a massive step forwards in helping to secure a better and cleaner future for the Beaver Lake Cree Nation and its people.

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